Stair Conformance & Compliance

Timber Stairs

Stairs serve as a functional element to a home, allowing homes to be built with multiple levels; a trend in building that is becoming more common with a greater availability of smaller sized blocks of land.

Functionality doesn’t necessary mean stairs have to be visually unpleasing, requiring them to be hidden from view. With the use of timber stairs can become a centerpiece to any home or commercial building. They can be produced to match the common floor areas or feature alternative timber species to give stylish, contrast to a home.

Slip Resistance of Stair Treads, Ramps and Landings

The Building Code of Australia (2014 – and the National Construction Code sets out mandatory requirements for the slip Slip Resistance of Stair Treads, Ramps, and Landings. The code applies to all stairs/building materials, not just timber and requires stairs to all building classes to have a minimum slip rating of R10 or P3. The code covers:

  • Slip resistance of stair treads inclusive of tread surface and tread nosing edge strip; and/or
  • Slip resistance of ramp floor surfaces; and/or
  • Slip Resistance of landing floor surfaces and landing edge strips.

Stair Conformance & Compliance

NS Timber Floor can offer Builders and Home Owners a complete Stair Conformance & Compliance package on the stair projects we work on. This service is a worry-free approach to having your stairs comply with the Building Code of Australia.

NS Timber Flooring is QBCC licensed and will provide the relevant conformance documentation (inc Form 16) as part of our Stair Conformance & Compliance package.

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What we can Offer

New Timber Stairs

Our Stair Conformance & Compliance package can cover both new closed and open tread solid timber stairs.

We can coat these stairs in an array of finishes including:

Water base finish: Gloss, Satin, Matt
Solvent base finish: Gloss, Semi-gloss, Satin
Wax: Satin, Matt

Existing Timber Stairs

For existing stairs it’s often hard to confirm the compliance without inspection, but we would likely need to sand the timber back to its raw state then apply a new coating to the timber.

As with new stairs, if we completely re-coat existing stairs we re-coat these stairs in an array of finishes including:

Water base finish: Gloss, Satin, Matt
Solvent base finish: Gloss, Semi-gloss, Satin
Wax: Satin, Matt

Overlay existing stairs

Existing timber, carpeted, or concrete stairs

As part of our complete service, we can overlay solid timber flooring or engineered timber flooring on exiting stairs. This includes existing timber stairs, carpeted stairs, and concrete stairs.

Provided there is a structural stair carcass (eg the structural frame) our team can transform your tied stairs into something special. 

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