Mardegan Legno


Mardegan Legno timber stains
Colour Options

The colours of the surfaces are the result of a detailed process of Giuseppe Mardegan’s research.

The hands of master craftsmen paint and make each tone unique, fruit of the artist’s talent that cannot be repeated mechanically.

Mardegan Legno timber stains
Custom Colours

Mardegan Legno offer a wide range of colours, comprising 119 different tones. The varying tones are obtained by manually applying the various tints on individual surfaces. 

Experts complete each step by hand, using the “spray” technique, brush strokes, or a rag to create a “rubbed” effect, this in-turn makes each colour unique; a fruit of the artist’s talent that cannot be repeated mechanically.

Mardegan Legno are aware that choosing to create every colour by hand means making every surface unique and unrepeatable. For this reason each floor is characterised by its own features. Incisions, finishes and colours: each surface will be unique. This is Mardegan Legno’s distinctive trait, the value they believe in and that they want to be recognised and appreciated for.

Mardegan Legno timber stains
Mardegan Legno timber stains


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Mardegan Legno timber stains


Showcasing Excellence in Business & producing quality timber floors since 1982

Mardegan Legno timber stains


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Mardegan Legno timber stains

7 YEAR guarantee

Offering a 7-year guarantee on workmanship on all flooring installations

Mardegan Legno timber stains


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