Timber Colour

The Colour of Wood

At NS Timber Flooring we supply a wide range of timber species for our newly installed timber floors. Every species is unique, providing a rich array of colours, feature and grain patterns. In some species, the natural colours will be fairly
consistent while others can involve a blend of several colours and tones. This is particularly the case where the sapwood (the outer layer of timber beneath the bark) is often much lighter in colour than the heartwood. Even within a single species and within individual trees, large colour variations of the heartwood can occur. In addition, the age of the tree, growing location, climatic conditions, and sapwood treatment can have a significant effect on the colour of the timber.

When selecting the timber species for your new floor it is important to understand that timber is a natural product and subject to natural variances in colour, and the floor’s coating will impact the overall colour also.

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It is important to realise that if choosing an alternative species from the one originally considered, not only will the overall colour differ but the predominating type of feature may also change.

For clarification on timber colouring talk with a NS Timber Flooring team member and see the difference in person at our Brisbane timber flooring showroom.


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