Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA)

The Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) is the peak body for timber floors and the timber flooring industry throughout Australia and New Zealand. We represent contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers to the industry.

ATFA is a strong and dynamic, not-for-profit, member-based association singularly focused on the timber flooring industry. We deliver high-quality, industry-specific services and technical information to our members and the community.

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Choosing an ATFA member

When it comes to having your new timber floor installed or your existing floor sanded and polished look for an ATFA member first. Whether it’s a solid timber floor, an engineered timber floor, parquetry or a cork floor make sure it is installed and/or sanded and finished by an ATFA member. ATFA members are part of a national association which sets bench marks for its members and expects the highest level of quality.
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  • Level 3 Accreditation
  • Honoured Member
  • ATFA Instructor
  • Founding Father Award
  • Multiple Award Winner
  • +14 year member
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Why Accreditation Matters

Level 3 member accreditation (for contractors) is the highest level and the business holds the status of ‘Quality Assured Contractor’. At this level members must assure a complete quality outcome of the project.

Businesses with this level of accreditation will meet all the requirements of the previous 2 levels plus participate in a greater level of training to meet compliance. Upon any realistic concern raised with the project, the member will organise an ATFA inspection.

A full audit of the business and its operating procedures is conducted to achieve this level.

Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

As a member of the Australasian Timber Flooring Association, the member agrees to uphold the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. 

For the full ATFA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics visit

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The benefits of using an ATFA member include:

, NS Timber Flooring
  • ATFA members are bound by the ATFA Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics;
  • Members are scrutinised prior to their approval as a member of the association;
  • Members have a dedication to the industry and an interest in serving clients well;
  • ATFA members are dedicated to training people for the future;
  • ATFA members are dedicated to improving business arrangements and recognition as a quality service to the community;
  • Members are supplied with the latest industry guidelines for installation, sanding and finishing;
  • Members participate in a range of training and industry networking activities;
  • Members are able to participate in continuing professional development to increase levels of expertise;
  • ATFA members have access to professional contracts which provide you with peace of mind;
  • Members receive regular industry news and technical advice;
  • Using an ATFA member business provides you with direct access to the Association’s professional staff and an informative website;
  • If something goes wrong you have access to ATFA accredited floor inspectors;
  • ATFA members have access to national hotlines for those tricky issues when advice is necessary; and
  • ATFA members benefit directly from ongoing research and development conducted by ATFA and its partners.


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