Blackbutt timber flooring – stock available now, NS Timber Flooring

130 Blackbutt Solid Timber Flooring – Stock Available

Are you looking to source Blackbutt Solid Timber Flooring but struggling to find a supplier who can deliver asap without waiting months?

We’ve got some good news for you! NS Timber Flooring currently has Blackbutt solid timber flooring stock available and ready for immediate dispatch from our North Brisbane warehouse.

Blackbutt is one of our most popular solid timber flooring products and it’s easy to see why! Below we share four (4) reasons Blackbutt remains a firm favourite with Australian builders and homeowners.

Ready to get started on your flooring project and want to avoid the 6-10 week wait? Contact NS Timber Flooring today on 07 3881 1158 to discuss your Blackbutt flooring needs! We’ve completed and installed more than 20,000 beautiful timber floors for our valued customers.


What is Blackbutt timber flooring?

Blackbutt is a type of hardwood that regenerates easily and grows quickly, making it one of the top choices for timber flooring in Australia.

Fun fact: our very own Parliament House in Canberra uses this species of timber for its floors!


Blackbutt Features

Blackbutt is a versatile timber and widely used for structural, exterior and interior applications. In South East Queensland (QLD) and New South Wales (NSW), it is a very popular for timber but it is also used for cladding, internal and external flooring, decking, joinery, landscaping and furniture. Blackbutt is also used in the manufacturing process of plywood veneers.


Why is Blackbutt so popular?

  1. Colour
    Blackbutt timber generally have an even color with a straight grain. The color tones range from a golden honey-like yellow to pale, creamy brown. Blackbutt timber can be stained to bring out other tones.
  2. Strength and high durability
    Blackbutt timber flooring has the highest Class 1 rating for durability which means it is decay and pests’ resistance for over 50 years above ground (both indoors and outdoors), and more than 25 years when laid inground. In addition to this, Blackbutt has a Janka dry hardness of 9.1kn which makes it hard enough to withstand the impacts and scratches of everyday life, whilst requiring relatively little maintenance.
  3. High natural resistance to termite and fire
    Blackbutt timber is a very dense hardwood that weighs approximately 900kg per cubic metre allowing it to naturally have a high tolerance to termites and be fire resistant.
  4. It’s Australian grown and Australian-made
    Blackbutt is native to Eastern Australia and is predominantly grown in the Northern Region of NSW and amongst coastal forests from Southern (QLD) to Southern NSW. Blackbutt timber flooring is manufactured locally in Lismore & Gympie which is why Blackbutt is a popular choice for homeowners and builders as it is a high-quality Australian-made product.


Why Choose NS Timber Flooring

  1. We have completed over 20,000 timber floors over 40 years.
  2. We have built strong relationships and are able to secure the finest quality timber at Direct from the Mill prices.
  3. We are in it for the long haul which is why we invest heavily into sustainable practices and the long-term success of this incredible renewable resource.

If you’re ready to take the next step in timber flooring, we currently have the Blackbutt solid timber in stock and we can dispatch immediately. Call NS Timber today for supply and installation on 07 3881 1158 and avoid the 6-10 week wait with other suppliers.



Blackbutt timber flooring – stock available now, NS Timber Flooring

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