Sika MR Fast - 4.2Kg Concrete Sealer Kit

Sika MR Fast - 4.2Kg Concrete Sealer Kit
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Sika MR Fast - 4.2Kg Concrete Sealer Kit

Sika Primer MR Fast is a water-based Primer and moisture control coating for added adhesion to SikaBond adhesives. Its water-based, solvent free formulation allows for easy application and easy clean up, perfect for use on site. By applying Sika Primer MR Fast to the substrate, contractors can reduce adhesive consumption, as the primer prevents adhesive absorbtion by the substrate and promotes adhesion to the timber flooring above.

With a short waiting time of 4 hours between coats, a faster return to service is achievable in all uses. Sika Primer MR Fast can be used with subfloor heating, for refurbishing existing substrates and 

Sika Primer MR Fast should be applied uniformly, in two coats running in different directions, using a nylon roller to give a water surface-like finish. Once applied, allow to cure before applying Timber Flooring adhesive.

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