Deck-Max CounterBore Tool

Deck-Max CounterBore Tool
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Deck-Max CounterBore Tool

CounterBore Tool

Used in the preparation of installing Deck-Max secret fixing – This will be used to fix on the outside or the first board and last board and framing board plus other areas that a biscuit cannot be used. “Plug & Dowel”

Patent Protected design Exclusive to Deck-Max.

The CounterBore tool Runs a pilot hole through the decking board into the joist at the same time it cuts the hole ready to receive the wooden plug. The role of the drill bit is to hold the Bore tool straight and steady while cutting this precise hole.

If fixing into hardwood joists go back to the pilot hole and drill to full depth to suit the screw using the 3mm drill bit provided in each kit. Always test first to be sure hole size, location and depth are correct.

Adjustable depth collar for varying depths.

  • Collar stops spinning when the correct depth is reached
  • The factory setting is set to match the DM 4277 wooden plug kit

Note: do not use any drill bit that is not Deck-Max product 

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