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Timber Flooring Specialists

NS Timber Flooring Pty Ltd is Brisbane’s leading specialty Timber Flooring Company embracing all timber flooring products from supply to installation and finishing by proficient staff.

Family owned and operated it demonstrates commitment to product and service. With over 30 years experience in the industry ensures that the many difficult procedures in handling and installation are properly understood.

Our Products

Solid Timber

Traditional Solid Timber Flooring

Solid Timber Floors, or traditional wood flooring, offers an unrivaled level of timeless beautiful, warmth and durability. They are the perfect flooring choice for high-traffic homes and business, featuring low level maintenance and damage resistance.

Solid Timber Overlay

Solid Timber Overlay Flooring

Overlay solid hardwood timber flooring is a product designed for applications where the the beauty, style and warmth of a solid timber floor is desired, but there are limitations on the areas sub-floor structure or the application requires a floor thinner than traditional tongue and groove strip flooring of 19 mm.

Wideboard Solid Timber Overlay

Wide Solid Timber Overlay Flooring

Wideboard overlay solid hardwood timber flooring is essentially the same as standard Australian solid overlay flooring, with the difference being the individual floorboards are much wider giving a bolder appearance.

Urban Swedish Oak

Solid Swedish Oak Flooring

Displaying the strong natural features of the timber, Urban Swedish Oak brings an unmatched character to your floor. Solid timber and supplied in it's raw form allowing for various staining options.


Pre-finished Australian Hardwood Flooring

While solid timber flooring is an excellent choice for any home, Eclipse engineered Australian Hardwood pre-finished timber flooring comes in a close second. You get the look and beauty of a natural wood floor without the need for sanding or staining.

Regal Oak (Pre-finished)

Engineered Pre-finished Oak Flooring

A beautiful engineered timber flooring product produced from American Oak. Regal Oak in it's pre-finished form is available in a range of colours to suit any decor.

Regal Oak (Raw)

Engineered Raw Oak Flooring

A beautiful engineered timber flooring product produced from American Oak. Regal Oak in it's raw form is able to take a variety of stains and coatings allowing providing endless colour options.

Big River

Engineered Raw Australian Hardwood Flooring

Big River Raw (Uncoated) Engineered Australian Hardwood Flooring is manufactured exclusively in Australia from five layers of Australian eucalypt hardwood sheets bonded together to form a solid, stable floorboard.


Deck-Max Secret Fix Decking

Deck-Max is a secret fixing solution for hardwood timber decking. It provides an extremely effective way for fastening of decking boards to the joists, avoiding the need for nailing or screwing directly into the top surface of the board.


NexGen Composite Secret Fix Decking

NexGen Composite Decking is manufactured from 60% recovered hardwood fibre and 40% UV-stabilised high density polyethylene. It has been designed to overcome the common complaints associated with other composite decking products: colour fade, staining, and mould/mildew.

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